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Welcome to the SBBA South Burlington City Center Information Hub.  Our purpose is to inform and empower SBBA members about the planning and development of South Burlington’s City Center.  If you have any questions about the City Center project, specific issues you would like to address, or want to join our City Center Committee, please contact us:  We look forward to hearing from you! 


City Center Vision: To give South Burlington a greater sense of identity by creating a mixed-use urban downtown core that can be the focal point of the community.


Location:  City Center encompasses the developed and undeveloped areas on either side of Dorset Street and Williston Road to the southern end of San Remo Drive and west of Dorset Street and south of Williston Road to Hinesburg Road.  The heart of City Center will be located at the intersection of a soon to be reconstructed Market Street and a newly constructed Garden Street. Garden Street starts at Dorset Street between Trader Joes and Healthy Living and runs east to connect with Midas Drive.  Market Street is designed to be a pedestrian friendly destination with wide sidewalks and an attractive streetscape with multi level buildings housing restaurants and shops on the first floor and residential above. The entrance to Market Street will be designed to invite shoppers from the area’s largest anchor, UMall, to cross Dorset Street and enjoy the urban environment of City Center.








Additional City Center Resources:



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