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SBBA Annual Meeting Showcases Economic and Technological Progress

On Thursday, May 23, the South Burlington Business Association (SBBA) held its annual meeting at the newly inaugurated OnLogic building in Technology Park.  The event featured presentations from Kevin Chu of the Vermont Futures Project and Doug Merrill of the Tech Hub, highlighting significant initiatives driving economic and technological advancement in the region.

SBBA Hosts Annual City Update at City Hall

South Burlington, January 31, 2024 – The South Burlington Business Association convened its annual city update at City Hall, with Jessie Baker, City Manager, and her leadership team.  The event provided a platform for discussion on the city’s current affairs and future endeavors. 

SBBA Fall Member Meeting at
Alpine Shop

Photos by Anthony. M. Alichwer


The South Burlington Business Association (SBBA) hosted its highly anticipated fall member meeting on November 7, 2023, at the Alpine Shop.


This event brought together a group of SBBA members to discuss critical issues affecting the local community and to introduce a new addition to the South Burlington Police Department.


During the meeting, Chief of Police, Shawn Burke, addressed SBBA members, providing valuable insights into public safety and the growing concern of theft in the area. Chief Burke highlighted the factors contributing to this issue, emphasizing the importance of community cooperation and crime prevention measures.


The membership also had the privilege of meeting the new Deputy Chief of the South Burlington Police Department, Sean Briscoe. Deputy Chief Briscoe brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role, having served the community of Saratoga Spring, NY for many years. 

SBBA members,

The SBBA board approved signing onto The Lake Champlain Chamber and the Greater Burlington Industrial Corporations effort to understand the problems of public safety affecting our region and propose legislative proposals to address them. You can find the document here. A list of organizations that have signed on include: 

  • Lake Champlain Chamber 

  • Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation staff

  • South Burlington Business Association

  • Burlington Business Association 

  • Northwest Vermont Realtors Association Government Affairs Committee

  • Teamsters Local 597

Our Retail Theft Committee is working on various public safety concerns and is engaging with others who are working on this issue.

SBBA Quarterly Newsletter

Founder Members

Platinum Members

The SBBA announces the establishment of the SBBA/Patricia Nowak Memorial Scholarship Fund. 
This $2000 annual scholarship will go to a South Burlington High School Student pursuing business.
People interested in making donations to the scholarship fund should contact Julie Beatty at
Municipal Meeting News and Public Notices

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Click here to see South Burlington city meeting agendas and minutes.

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